Why sell your property at Auction

Why sell your property at Auction If you are the owner of an Apartment, Townhouse, Commercial Unit, Plot of Land or Villa and you are trying to sell but have had problems in the past, then maybe this could be the answer for you, selling with Spanish Property Auctions

Why is it beneficial to sell through Property Auctions?
Low commission structure, Spanish Property Auctions charge 2 % plus IVA, so that gives you back considerable savings, therefore attracting more buyers. If you put a realistic reserve price on your property this will attract more people who will be bidding on the property which should increase the selling price over and above the reserve price.

Completion time is normally within 30-40 working days.
Selling through Spanish Property Auctions can be a fast and efficient way to sell and can move your plans forward for the future.

What do I need to do to sell a property at Auction?
Contact Spanish Property Auctions for viewing, Valuation and discussing your property. Between Spanish Property Auctions and yourself to agree and reserve a realistic price for your property with a view to it being sold. Please make ensure that all property documents are in order

What are the costs of selling at a Property Auction?
There is an entry fee for your property, this is 175 Euro's inc iva or the sterling equivalent.

Commission for selling my property with Spanish Property Auctions?
Spanish Property Auctions charge 2% plus IVA on the selling price of the property.

How are properties marketed for Auction?
Spanish Property Auctions advertise through many channels i.e Radio, local newspapers, International newspapers, our website, collaborators, property magazines and mailings. Click Here

Will people see my property?
Yes, through Spanish Property Auctions website, arranged viewings with yourself, our auction catalogue and property magazines.

Are property Auctions legal?
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Benefits of selling with us..!

“We have been selling property in Spain for the past 12½ years and have built up a strong reputation, as well as a good client and investor database. As we are starting to see signs of economic recovery, the property market is now starting to improve and investors are looking for reasonably priced properties”

Viewings before Auction..!

Once you have selected a property that you may be interested in bidding on at our auction, you will need to arrange a viewing of that property through Spanish Property Auctions. 

All appointments to view will be accompanied by a representative of Spanish Property Auctions...

Need More Help..!

Need more help finding your dream home? Then simply contact us, with your required info. We can then contact you to see how we can help you find your dream home in the sun.

A selection of specially chosen 'HOT Properties' which we believe to be of worthy consideration.

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